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Top 5 Restaurants in the Maldives

Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

The Maldives presents a wide range of options when it comes to delicious offerings. From underwater favorites to popular on land dining joints, these are the 10 most popular restaurants located in the Maldives see – Top 5 Restaurants in the Maldives.

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

The Ithaa Undersea restaurant located 8-meters below the sea level is the first underwater restaurant in the world. The restaurant is part of the Conrad Maldives packages with Rangali Resort and is known all around the world for giving patrons the luxury of dining, whilst watching corals and fishes swim by. These fishes include manta rays, stingrays, blue finned jacks and on lucky days, sharks.

The delicacies offered range from seafood, fast food to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. The cuisine is essentially Maldivian with a western touch. The most popular are malossol imperial caviar and yellowtail kingfish with saffron champagne risotto.

It is an expensive fancy restaurant for certain, but the experience is guaranteed to be worth the money.

The Iberry Café

The Iberry Café is your destination if you want to dine with the locals. This restaurant offers Mediterranean fast food, tea, pastries and is a small eatery in the residential part of the Hulhumale town.

The place offers friendly service and is vibrant with the patrons it hosts. The favorites of the menu include the fish curry and the shrimp fried rice, along with a lot of options of fresh and refreshing juices.

The Subsix Underwater Restaurant

The Subsix underwater restaurant is located 20-feet below the Indian ocean and is a favorite among the tourists because of the atmosphere it appears. This restaurant is also the first underwater nightclub in the Maldives.

The place is designed to look like the sea, with its shell-shaped bar, its coral-like seating features, and the ocean blue lighting.

To reach the restaurant you have to avail of a speed boat followed by a descent through a three-tier staircase.

The Jazz Café

This eating joint is popular among tourists and locals for its low-key settings and the live musical performances it hosts to entertain the patrons. This is your place if you are looking for a relaxing dinner.

The menu includes delicacies like yellow chicken curry, Roshi, beef and onion stir fry, and roast chicken with barbecue sauce. The menu is altered frequently to give a reason for patrons to come back.


SEA is another underwater restaurant located in Anantara Kitavah, known for its fine selection of wines some of which are nine decades old. This place is also known to host dances, performances and swimming to give you an immersive experience of dining underwater.

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