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Top 15 things to do and see in Rajasthan

rajasthan top 15 things to do and see in rajasthan

Rajasthan the land of deserts and palaces and temples has a lot more to offer and each one so different from the other . Our list consists of Top 15 things to do and see in Rajasthan and  includes  such wondrous events that you will be astonished

Let us begin our list of adventure things to do in Rajasthan

dune bashing top 15 things to do in rajasthan

1.Dune BashingDune  bashing means driving your car on the sand dunes in the deserts at varying speeds sometimes high speed sometimes low speed depending on the behaviour of the sand which keeps shifting.


The cars used are mainly SUVs but people even try it out with smaller cars. Car dealers even rent out SUVs for the purpose . Driving in the vast expanse of the Thar desert is an adventure by itself.

camel safari top 15 things to do in rajasthan

2.Camel Safari while still in the deserts a camel safari is another adventure worth its name A Camel Safari  is a unique  style of spending a holiday .


You travel on Camel Back, you  sleep under the stars , you do your cooking on an open fire under the sky watching the sunset and you go to bed gazing at the stars waking up at sunrise with the rays of the sun.


zip lining top 15 things to do in rajasthan

3.Zip Lining- Two places in Rajasthan are famous for ‘Zip lining’ or ‘flying fox’ as it is popularly called, one is at Neemrana fort and the  other is at Mehrangarh fort . Both the places offer excellent view of the forts and the surroundings from the top.


take a desert safari camping top 15 things to do in rajasthan

4.Take a desert safari /desert camping and get to see  some of the best wildlife and bird sanctuaries in India. Sariska Tiger Reserve Ranthambore National Park,  Keoladeo National Park, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. A whole contingent of wild life wait in these forests to greet and entertain you .

There are  Tigers, wild boars, bears,tigers  several species of birds. These desert safaris also camp under the starlit sky and show you local dances , puppet shows, provide you with authentic Rajasthani food. You also get to visit sand dunes.

hot air ballooning top 15 things to do in rajasthan

5.Hot air ballooning  Hot air ballooning is also a very popular sport in Rajasthan One can get a bird’s eye view  of  geographical features, the fields, the architecture of Rajasthan. Ranthambhor, Pushkar and Jaipur offer you this sport.

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6.Trekking  Rajasthan is not all sand and desert it has hill staions too and trekking is a popular sport at places like MT Abu and Alwar which invite adventurous trekkers as well as peaceloving tourists to see the beautiful birds and peacock.

ruins of bhangarh top 15 things to do in rajasthan

7.Visit the ruins of Bhangarh Rajasthan also has its share of folklore which is about  horror stories  It is said that the ruins of the Bhangarh fort are associated with spine chilling tales of horror and its really thrilling and scary  to visit these .If you are adventurous then do not miss this .

After the adventurous come the peacefull things of Rajasthan.

dinner at chokhi dhani top 15 things to do in rajasthan

8. Dinner at Chokhi Dhanithough there are branches of Chokhi Dhani all over the country but a visit to the original is a completely different experience Experience the real taste of Rajasthan with royal hospitality, authentic Rajasthani cuisine, ethnic decor colourful folk dances and cultural events will keep you mesmerised .


vintage car rally top 15 things to do in rajasthan

9.Vintage Car Rally   is another event which should not be missed . The streets of Jaipur as well as some other cities deck up for this event and its  a thrill to watch vintage cars , those belonging to the Raja’s and Maharajas all spruced up and decorated for the event with their owners in their best fineries and the roads lined up with cheering people.  It’s all like a fair or a carnival  not to be missed.

10.Abhaneri Step- Well an example of excellent architecture this Step well or Chand Baori is at Dausa district and tells us of the thoughtfulness of the then rulers who had built this to harvest rain water. Its hugeness in size is awe inspiring.

local dance top 15 things to do in rajasthan

11.Local dances are a treat for the eyes the Rajasthani women with their colourful attire present the most gracefully sensuous dances and also known as the sapera dance this dance has been added in the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage

12.Visit Camel breeding farm in Bikaner this place appeals specially to children and they love to pat and play with camels. The fresh camel milk icecream sold here is also delicious and worth a try.

pushkar top 15 things to do in rajasthan

13 .Pushkar  Pushkar is synonymous with Rajasthan if you are in Rajasthan how can you miss visiting Pushkar which apart from the animal fair is also a place of pilgrimage.

14.Kite flying is also a major even in Rajasthan and the event is specially grand at Jodhpur . Specially if you are visiting the place during Makar sankranti which falls on 14th January every year .The other places to visit  in Rajasthan in  January include Pushkar, Udaipur and Bundi though they can be visited all the year round too

15.Ajmer Shariffthe resting place of Khwaza Moinuddin Chishti the Sufi saint is a place of pilgrimage for all Indians irrespective of their religion.

Thus we see that Rajasthan like the rest of India  is a land of diversities, geographically as well as ethnically  Get Ur Holidays has brought all these wonders   for you in the  Budget Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi all inclusive come join us and enjoy your holidays  in comfort.


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