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Top 12 Best Things to Do in Golden Triangle Tour

Looking for a trip to Delhi, Agra and other nearby popular places? There are numerous places that you can visit with friends along with family to enjoy vacation. In India, people mostly visit to historic places which is common but there are even great places which have beauty in different locations. These will leave you speechless by its design and build quality apart from the places you visited most. In this post, I will discuss about golden triangle India travel guide. Here, below are some of the Top 12 Best Things to Do in Golden Triangle Tour that you can go for entertainment.

Things to do in golden triangle India:

Book golden triangle tour packages at Lowest Rates from the list of popular places which I’m providing in this article. You will definitely love these famous locations at your first visit. The correct timing to trip into such locations is generally in summer while visitors also reach in winter season which remains cold. But if you’re planning to enjoy and gain different experience than go on summer days by wearing soft cloths, wore sun glass that will look funky.

1.     Agra Sweets:

Agra  Top 12 best things to do in golden triangle tour

Sweets are really special food that every people love to it. When you visit Agra, its sure that you will go for Taj Mahal which is India’s pride. Beside that Agra is a great city and has other popularity also in delivering sweets. The taste of sweets found in Agra has delicious which taste remains longer in your tongue. Its well known by the name of ‘Paam-Petha’ which is preffered by most people. So don’t forget to taste such sweet when you go there.

2.      Amber Fort:

Jaipur city is a great place to visit due to its popular forts. The amber fort is one of the famous place for visitors as its on the hilly area. The exterior outlook is majestic with white & red sandstone material. The site reflects the lake maotha from its downside which is best place for photography. Its among the old forts in the state since many decades and perfectly catches visitors eye.

3.     Jaipur Johari Bazaar:

Its obvious when visiting any city, you will definitely buy something there. The Jaipur city also popular for shopping the traditional costumes with delightful colors. There’re numerous home decoration items and other materials of glasses in different looks. One of the popular stuff is puppets of Rajasthan which is a doll wearing cloths. This signifies the tradition and folk of the state. Females can buy dupatta’s, lehenga’s, ghagra-choli from the shops located in Jaipur.

4.     Chokhi-Dhani:

There’s a entertaining package in Jaipur city from a small village. The city is filled by art & heritage and the Chokhi-dhani village once must visit. Their people specially females appears in colorful costumes where travels can enjoy shows. Such is an awesome feeling you able to experience as they  perform their traditional and ritual dances with signing.

5.     Movie In Jaipur:

Ever watch any movie in royal theatre? The Jaipur city has something for you to make up your mind. There’s a famous movie theatre available in Jaipur which is known by ‘Raj-Mandir’. This movie theatre is beyond your thought, as it contains elegance alongwith exquisite look. Feel more comfortable as you watch movie in such a largest theatre which have stunning architecture.

 Jaipur   Top 12 best things to do in golden triangle tour

6. Delicious Delhi Street Food:

Food is one other thing that people search when they visit some place. In delhi you will get to taste various dishes that will blow your mind. On the Markets like Paharganj or Kamala Nagar you will get to taste foods like chhole bhature, aloo chat, samose, aloo tikki, bhel poori, besan ka chila and many more. All these food items will make your feel extraordinary in taste.

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7. Agra: Let Taj Overwhelm You:

Taj was built by Shah Jahan in the year 1648 in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World and a famous UNESCO world heritage site. The architecture of this white monument is unparallel the design will depict the taste of art of the mughals. So you must visit Taj when you prepare a tour for Agra.

8. Embark on a Smooth, Best way to reach Agra:

Drive smoothly on the new Yamuna expressway when you plan a Same day tour to Agra by car. In the course of your journey you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery along with the food stops for refreshment. It has got a six lane road that will give you a smooth journey to your destination. One other thing about this express way is that it reduces the amount of time needs to reach Agra.

Yamuna   Top 12 best things to do in golden triangle tour

9. Hear the finest Qawwali at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah:

If you want to do something special in Delhi that will last forever in your mind than visit Hazarat Nizamuddin Dargah. Spend the evening listening to the finest qawwali sang by the devotees to Allah. After a all day long stress nothing better than the sufi songs you get to here in the dargah. So go to old Delhi and spend some time in Hazarat Nizamuddin Dargah.

10. Discover the Heritage and cultural centres in Delhi:

The cultural centres of  Delhi consists of  the Red fort, Lotus Temple, Jama Masjid and Qutub Minar. Jama masjid is the biggest Masjid in India and attracts tourist from all around the globe. With it the Lotus temple is  the place where people will get the mixture of both beauty and peace at the same time. Qutub minar and Red fort will show you the best architecture that Mughals has build  at the time of their rule in India.

11. The Epitomes of Power in Delhi:

In Delhi on must visit the Rastrapati Bhavan, Parliament House and the Secretariat Building. This is  where the people with power in India stays, breadths and sits. Every decision taken in the favour of India is decided in this place. So it is must see place for the tourist who comes at Delhi. Not only power but the architecture is also quite beautiful to watch.

12. India Gate:

Delhi India Gate   Top 12 best things to do in golden triangle tour

India gate is one of the marvellous things to watch in India. The eternal flame that was lighted up in the memory of the soldiers of India is a must see stuff. The architecture and the curving on the India gate is also extraordinary.  The road from India gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan is also a very beautiful sight to watch.

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