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Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

Chittorgarh Fort Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

From the startling engineering to stunning legends of gallantry and sentiment, the imperial posts, castles and other old structures of Rajasthan are the places where even today stopping to portray the stories of the past of The Marvelous Rajasthan see – Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018.

This amazing state is suitably called as ‘The Land Of Kings’. Rajasthan is actually one of the most beautiful states in Indian. At least once in a lifetime, everyone wants to visit Rajasthan.  In adding to the suggestive restored and remnants of Luxury, this state has more to experiment and attract the concentration of the visitors. Rajasthan is the land of the deserts, vivid art, tradition, places and rich culture. This amazing or beautiful state is also notable of many for its impressive handmade art, colorful festivals and traditional food. In the summertime, Rajasthan temperature is very high degree but if you go winter season means October to December then this is the best time to visit Rajasthan.  Here some of the places are the free tourist places to visit in Rajasthan in November

top 11 best historical place in Rajasthan,

  1. Amer Fort:

Amer Fort Rajasthan Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

Amer Fort is placed in the Amber, some KM away from the Jaipur. And Amer Fort is build up by Sawai Jai Singh, this amazing place leaves the tourists amazed with the architecture and art that has been gifted to it. On the indoor tourists get the chance to watch Diwan-i-Khass and Diwan-i-Aam along with the Jai Mandir, Sheesh Mahal, Kesar Kyari garden and many other temples etc. Its opening time is 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. But guys below I give you my favorable top 10 historical places in Rajasthan

  1. Archaeological Museum:

This museum is situated in Amer and in the Dil-e-Aram gardens, this museum is where a lot of excavation and sculptures materials calmed from the Sambhar, Raigarh etc along with few epitaphs has the place. Its opening time is 10:00 Am to 5:00 PM.

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  1. City Palace:

City Palace Rajasthan Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

City Palace is one of the great historical remembrances in the Jaipur. It constructed by the Raja Sawai Jai Singh. This place gives back the beautiful fusion of the Rajasthani culture and the Mughal construction. In the city place, there are lots of small places such as temples, Chandra Mahal, and gardens. Its opening time is 9:30 Am to 5:00 PM.

  1. Jaigarh Fort:

It is situated 400 meters above the Amber Fort. It is known as the ‘’Victory Fort’’.  If you standing the Jaigarh Fort then you can watch the amazing views of Amber Fort and the Aravalli hills. The most attractive thing is ‘’Jaivana Cannon’’.  This place was fast closed for the average people but this present time it is open for every kind of people to watch the gardens, museum, temples, and the extraordinary palaces.  Its opening time is 9:00 AM to 4.30 PM.


  1. Nahargarh Fort:

nahargarh fort Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

In 1734 Raja Jai Singh constructed Nahargarh Fort. This ancient remembrance in the Jaipur suffices the aim of the guardianship that was to provide to Jaipur’s initial ruler’s cit Amber. It is said that it was killed by the soul sultan Nahar.  Its opening time is 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

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  1. Chittorgarh Fort:

Chittorgarh Fort Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

Rajasthan is the biggest city in India. This place builds up By Chitrangad, this place suited in the Udaipur.  The Chittorgarh Fort is admired for its glorious architecture, beautiful Rajputana past events and bloody Jauhars and sieges. The ‘’Vijay Stambh’’ and ‘’Kirti Stambh’’ are the major attractiveness of the Fort. Its opening time is 8.00 AM to 7.30 PM.

  1. Junagarh Fort:

The Junagarh fort is very popular for its beauty. It is located in Rajasthan which was constructed by Raja-Jai-Singh in the year of 1587. The fort still standing strong since its build and comes under historical places. Daytime visiting hours in between morning 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Tourist mostly comes to visit in November month and around February month.

  1. Jaisalmer Fort:

Jaisalmer Fort Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

It is also called as Sonar-Quila or Golden Fort which is among other forts in the world. This was built in 1156 A.D. by one the Rajput ruler whose name was Rawal Jaisal. The history witnessed for the battles held here. Even, some movie shootings also made in the Jaisalmer fort which entertained the viewers. Major interesting parts are its different grand gateways in the fort. Visitors come to see this beautiful fort in the month of beginning summer season from March-October.

  1. Ranthambore Fort:

Ranthambore Fort Top 11 Best Historical Places In Rajasthan 2018

Ranthambore Fort constructed by the Chauhan in the 8th century. It is located n the Thumbhole hill, amid wildlife church. This amazing and beautiful fort competent the number of attacks on it and it was catch and widely used by the Mughals. There are various palaces, barracks, and temples inside the fort.

10.Umaid Bhawan Palace:

It is one of the most attractive historical remembrances in the Rajasthan. And it is one of the listed world’s biggest private residentiary properties. It has 347 rooms and it is located on the topmost point in the city. It based in the Chittar Hill.

11.Fort Museum:

In Fort Museum, visitors can find the amazing and antique Rajputana weapon and dress as like daggers and handguns etc. Inside the museum, there are some antique materials in which photos can be taken.

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Above every place are the best places to visit Rajasthan. Now you can easily track the forts and monuments of Rajasthan with the information provided above. If you have a question or inquiry then you can ask we the question and we will help you shortly.

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