Kinari Bazaar Top 10 Night markets in Agra

Nightlife is very happening in Agra. It is being the 4th largest city in Uttar Pradesh, is the home for the Taj Mahal. You will find numerous foreigners in the streets of Agra everyday see here Top 10 Night markets in Agra .


There are numerous shopping malls, markets and shopping stalls around the city.  As a tourist, you must look out for the best places to visit in Agra and explore the true beauty of the city. Visit the local stalls and markets to shop for the local stuff available across the streets of the city. Here we are picking out the best night markets available in Agra so that it will be easy for you .


Top 10 Night markets in Agra


There are some of the best markets in Agra where you can go for shopping local clothings, electronics and pretty much every possible thing available. If you are planning a visit in Agra for a holiday, you must avail the best Overnight Agra tour packages from your travel agent.


shahganj market Top 10 Night markets in Agra

  • Shahganj Market – Shahganj Market is a very well known place for the locals as well as tourists to look out for quality as well as affordable products. There are lots of shops and stalls to explore numerous stuffs like clothing, shoes, vegetables and much more.


  • Naulakha Bazaar – A very small market with narrow lanes but you will be able to find out each and every thing here. It is a very well known and popular market in Agra. Some of the specialities of the market are clothings, sweets and craft materials.

Sanjay Place Top 10 Night markets in Agra

  • Sanjay Place – A perfect place to hang around and shop for some best branded products. It is a very popular market in Agra where you can go for some elite shopping. Visit this place if you are looking to shop some of the best branded stuffs.


Kinari Bazaar Top 10 Night markets in Agra

  • Kinari Bazaar – Kinari Bazaar is an old market in Agra which is famous for its wholesale products and stuffs. You can locate the market near the famous Jama Masjid. The market is also historically rich.


sadar bazaar Top 10 Night markets in Agra

  • Sadar Bazaar – Sadar Bazaar is a famous market spto for the tourists as it is very near to the Agra Cantt. Railway station. As Agra is very famous for leather products, you can shop for them at the local stalls. The market remains closed at Tuesdays.


  • Shah Market – Shah Market is well known for the wholesale electronics, especially Mobiles. You can shop for the wholesale mobiles of every possible brands available. Go for the mobile accessories or opt for a new one from any of the shops in the market.


Shoe Market Agra Top 10 Night markets in Agra

  • Shoe Market – You can find leather shoes at an affordable price in this market. Agra is very famous for its leather products and shoes industries. You must visit this market to avail some of the best locally made leather shoes.


  • Raja Ki Mandi – Raja Mandi is a very popular and crowded market in the Lohamandi area. Some of the speciality of the market are Ladies garments, Sweets, Religious Items and much more. This is one of the well known markets in Agra.

Top 10 Night markets in Agra


  • Subhash Bazaar – Subhash Bazaar is located near the Agra fort and is famous for Silk items. You can shop for many local products at an affordable price too. The market is famous for rich quality garments.


 TDI Mall Top 10 Night markets in Agra

  • TDI Mall – TDI Mall is located near the famous Taj Mahal and is popular for various products and food items. Rather than shopping you can also have a great meal at the local restaurants at the mall and spare a leisure.


Hera are some of the best night markets in Agra. Explore the place and shop for the local products and stuffs at an affordable price at the top markets listed above.

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