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12 Destinations in India to Spot Dolphins

Maharashtra Attraction 12 Destinations in India to Spot Dolphins

Spotting a beautiful creature like Dolphin is a wonderful feeling to enjoy. Dolphins whooshing out of the beautiful sea would be a surreal experience to watch on any day in the vacation or relaxing trip with friends or family. Check down the list of best 12 destinations in India to spot Dolphins.

1- Goa

Goa 12 Destinations in India to Spot Dolphins

If you got to think where to enjoy swimming with dolphins in India, Goa is undoubtedly the best place in India to spot Dolphins. Obviously, Goa is known for beautiful beaches and party town that attracts flock of people in different seasons to enjoy their vacation. Get on a cruise to sail on the beach but you will have to try your patience to spot the Dolphins. Morning hours is best for Dolphin watching.

2- Andaman

Andaman is quite a famous for the sandy and tranquil beaches to get relaxed and get lost in the beauty of the nature. Unlike Goa, you do not have to test your patience as you can watch the marine dolphin using the glass bottom boat. It would be a great moment to explore the underwater world without delving into the water. Lalaji Bay Beach, Jolly Buoy Island and Havelock Island are best to spot Dolphins.

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3- Lakshadweep

If you are finding where to see dolphins in India, Lakshadweep is the best place and a haven to spot BottlenoseDolphins. Get a sail out to watch the Dolphins showing their skills. more. October to May is the best time to spot Dolphins. Kadmat Island, Agatti Island and Bangaram Island are the places to spot the Bottlenose Dolphins


4- Maharashtra

Maharashtra 12 Destinations in India to Spot Dolphins

Maharashtra is not only a coastal state with scenic beaches but also has places to watch dolphins. Dapoli is a perfect destination to spot dolphins Maharashtra. Dapoli is a gateway of beaches like Murud Beach, Kuravade, Harihareshwar, Tarkarli and Dabhol Port where Dolphin sighting is easier.

5- Bihar

It should be a surprise to know that Bihar is one of the places where you can spot Dolphins. Here it is not the ocean that shows you the dolphins but the River Ganges. The District of Bhagalpur of Bihar has a Dolphin Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a home to protect the river dolphins.

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6 – Kerala

Kerala, best known as God’s own country is not only has wonderful hill stations, scenic beaches and gorgeous places to sightsee but also has the beach that hosts the dolphins. Cherai Beach is a perfect place Go in Kerala Tour Packages to watch the dolphins for which you have sail to see the beautiful humpback dolphins.

7- Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has various coastal cities but Rameshwaram is a perfect spot to watch the adorable Dolphins. It will be a great opportunity for you if you can visit Gulf of Mannar, one of the best places to spot dolphins, it is a special place for dolphin lovers.

8- Karnataka

Karnataka 12 Destinations in India to Spot Dolphins

Karnataka is also considered as one of the best states in India to spot dolphin. Devbagh, Kurumgad, Kudle, Murudeshwar, Om and Paradise beach are places to see Dolphins jumping out of the water. It will be an amazing holiday experience Karnataka not only because of the sandy beaches but also because of Dolphins sighting. Karwar and Gokarna are the most favourite place for dolphin sighting.

9- West Bengal

You may know West Bengal is famous for Royal Bengal Tiger but do you have any idea that West Bengal also has spectacular dolphins to see? Sundarbans at West Bengal is the place to Dolphin sighting. The beautiful river in the Mangrove forest is a best place to see the diving dolphins.

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10 – Diu

India’s first marine Wildlife sanctuary is in Diu. It is in the list of 5 Destinations in India to Spot Dolphins. Take a boat ride to Beyt Dwarka from Okha to see the dolphins; Dunny point is a famous place to see numerous dolphins. November to March is the best time to see dolphin here.

11- Odisha


Odisha is not a coastal area to see dolphins but Chilika Lake in Odisha is a best place to see beautiful dolphins. Chilika is widely known for bird watching as birds migrate here from various places Odisha Holiday Package making the place one of the most beautiful. Satapada in Chilika lake area is an ideal place to watch dolphins.

12- Assam

Gorgeous greenery and soothing places of Assam makes it a best place to visit during vacation but more than that, Dolphin sightseeing is one of the best experiences to gather in Assam. It would be amazing to enjoy a boat ride on Brahmaputra river to see Gangetic dolphins.

It is not a surprise that India Holiday Package is one of the homes to have varieties of Dolphins and you do not have to travel abroad to watch a spectacular Dolphins.

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